Future Plans


Fossil fuel reserves are limited and with the rising demand, it may leads to scarcity of these valuable resources. Where as renewable energy sources are plentiful, free and absolutely clean. Among all the sources of Renewable Energy available to human for its sustainable future, Solar Energy is an important one. Solar Energy is a term used for defining various methods of obtaining energy from the sun. Nowadays, Solar Energy is successfully being used for various purposes such as Cooking, Cooling, Heating, Lighting and many more. As the use of fossil fuels became problematic, due to its effects of Pollution and Global Warming, the importance of Solar Energy is increasing for industrially developed as well as developing countries. In future, the use of Solar Energy will become Ubiquitous as concentration on Solar Power will be fully competitive with conventional Power-Generating Technologies.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

  • With the development of Renewable Energy’s Technology and increase in Fossil Fuel prices, Solar Energy becomes more affordable.
  • Available everywhere, there is no crippling, rising importation costs of Coal, Oil or Gas.
  • Useful application of the Clean, Safe, Sustainable Power of the sun.